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Dear Customers

We are pleased to announce the official release of our second EA SteadyMartinGear. It is neither an upgrade nor a replacement of SteadyWinner. It is a martingale EA so the risk is naturally higher. Please download the demo version, read the manual, try the EA and make sure you like it before buying.

We also want to announce changes in our product distribution policy. Since the first release of SteadyWinner, we have been sharing the source code to improve the strategy’s transparency and we have kept the price low hoping to encourage every user buy his own license. Sadly, over the years, we continue to see people sharing SteadyWinner online. Some customers also ignored our request of “Try at least 4 weeks before refund” and on 2015/3/2, one customer even refunded just after 2 hours of his purchase. We have no choice but to do something to address such issues.

We have introduced some basic protection in SteadyMartinGear outlined below:
1. Source code file (*.mq4) will not be included as we cannot implement any protection when we deliver the source.
2. When you complete your payment on ClickBank, you can immediately download the full version EA. The license key will be valid until the end of next season so it will expire at least 2-3 weeks after the refund period ends. You can use the EA without worrying while we prepare your private license.
3. After the refund period ends, we will send you an EA update, this will contain your permanent license that you can activate by entering your order number as License Key.

We have purposefully kept the protection simple so our customers can still switch brokers and computers freely. The purpose of the protection is crystal clear, we only want paid customers to keep and use the EA and that’s it.

With kind regards

Ming and Henry
SteadyWinner Development Team

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